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We, Kawada Auto, think that all the people to live in peace in the car and you think car life is fun. If you come to Japan soon worried that a loss of a car, or work in Japanese right now and can not explain the circumstances of the car accident, or not know of a car repair shop, you do not need to please consult hesitated.

Automotive repair, inspection, painted sheet metal, dent scratches, and negotiating the sale of the car, change the name of car owner, scrapped, loan procedures, such as automobile insurance in the car, whatever, please feel free to consult.

We also are able to manage for exporting auto to abroad. If you are looking for Japanese used cars exporter, please contact us.

One of the companions of us is taking charge of this WEB page management. This person stayed in the United States for eight years, and she understands living in the foreign country's difficulties. She can interpret to Companions of us who work with the repair plant with you.

Please fill out this form of down below and send it back to us. We'll offer you the best services accordingly.

automobile (safety) inspection and maintenance

The customer's request and the situation of the car are confirmed, and it's repaired after I arrange with a customer, so please feel free to consult any time. A rental car during an automobile inspection is also prepared. It's taken back and car delivery service are performed.

Check in front of the long-haul driving

Before going out by travel and long distance, we can check the state of the car and go out surely. Such as a brake, cooling water, an engine and a tire, It stops, I run, it bends, such as, the performance of the car is checked basically.

Engine Oil

A visitor exchanges the engine oil according to that request forcusing on WAKO's, RESPO and Speed Master of our recommendation.

Tire keeping service

We'll keep the summer tire and the winter tire which would be a problem at the put place instead. When you reserve a tire change during a period in 1, the contract term is free.

Car navigation equipment rental service

A car navigation equipment is rented in order not to waver in the place where you go the place first. You are relieved with this! The map is also unnecessary. Installation and setting are performed.

Used car rental

It's wasteful to buy a car. But the rental car is expensive. If it's lease, risk is high. I recommend a cheap used car rental car for such time. It's from more than one month and it can be rented from 39,900 yen (including tax).

Car repairing

The engine doesn't start! A clutch is slippery! Oil leak! Water leaking! Overheat! An engine doesn't move! A car isn't developed at the front! It was flooded with water by flood damage! You played a trick at aim in the car! Glass has broken! Window doesn't rise! A key was lost! Effectiveness of a brake is bad! Effectiveness of an air conditioner is bad! An allophone does from braking with the motor! Navigator audio doesn't operate! A tire went flat! A car is bumped, and it doesn't move! If a part was removed, you didn't find out any more that you corrected it! If you are in trouble about a car, we will run immediately.

Order sale of a car

We'll ask you about customer's request (the budget, the car type, equipment, the color and the number of distance) and look for the most suitable car from a car dealer in the whole country and in the auction.


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Needs and Wants


スタッフ募集借りた車にちょいと乗るなら、1日だけの自動車保険!ちょいのり保険。カワダオンラインショップ通販サイト くるま工房オープン大好評!カーナビレンタル川田自動車では各種カードがご利用いただけます。 川田自動車サイトマップへ東日本大震災災害復興支援ページ

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ヒーター修理 ETC取り付けセットアップ バッテリージャンピング タイヤ預かり保管サービス

Is the heater safe of you?

ETC installation

It doesn't engine starts. Battery exchange

When embarrassing it with keeping the tire

カーフィルム貼り ウォータースポット削除 長距離ドライブ前の安心点検 ミッション・クラッチの滑り修理

UV resistance. Will you paste the Carfilm?

The water spot of the glass is deleted.

Will you receive a safe check before it goes somewhere?

When you feel slipping in the mission clutch

カーナビレンタル ブレーキ異音修理 LEDひかりカスタム エンジンオイル交換

The rental of the car navigation system.

Repair of brake

To a space relieved with LED

Engine oil exchange

ネットで買ったカー用品取付ます イージーグラフィックス ぐっとくる車探します。 車検!まかせて

Car articles installation bought with net

Easy Graphics

A fit car looks for

Our four original car inspection courses.

原付バイク自賠責保険 i自賠 エアコン修理 新規事業に!中古車レンタカー 新・海外旅行保険!

Motorcycle compulsory automobile liability insurance

When feeling that working of the air conditioner is bad

How at a new business and establishment?

Travel Insurance 40%OFF


Please let us flexibly correspond to regions other than the above-mentioned. and Please feel free to inquire. Telephone 052-902-3167


It doesn't engine starts. The clutch slips. Oil leak. Water leak. Overheating. The engine doesn't move. The car doesn't advance to previous. It was soaked to water due to damage by a flood. It played a trick by an aim on the car. The glass cracked. The glass doesn't go up. The key was lost. Working of the brake is bad. Working of the air conditioner is bad. The allophone does from doing of the allophone from the engine and the brake. Nabis audio doesn't operate. It had tire punctured. The car is thrown and it doesn't move. Parts ..straight.. seem have not been understood when removing. It runs at once when it is a car and it embarrasses it.


  • A car navigation system rental, used car rental, and used car search service and easy graphics are done for the Japanese whole country.
  • ・Please refer to a car inspection price list here for the car inspection.
  • ・Please refer to a maintenance price list here for the charge of the repair, the breakdown, substitution, and the exchange.
  • ・Please crowd and refer to a sheet metal painting price list here to Kiz for the charge of the sheet metal painting.
  • ・Please refer to the check price list for the check before a long distance here.